Creating Memorable Wine Experiences

If your producing public festivals, planning corporate or private events, it's time to take a closer look at wine on tap

Tap26 offers a broad portfolio of local, west coast and international wines and ciders. You can easily find a selection to match your event's focus, demographics and budget.    

If it's all about sales

We know, beer is king at most events. High margin and high volume. Got it. But did you know quality alternatives are key to maximizing profits. More than 25% of event goers don't drink beer and over half of these folks will walk right past an underwhelming wine offering.

We get it. Inexpensive national wine brands write checks and donate product. But running wine concessions at events this way is a mess. Literally. Cheap wine, bottles and icy water everywhere and long lines are the status quo. Don't forget the risk of theft and liability of hundreds if not thousands of glass bottles on location. 

What to do ... Tap26 provides a modern turn-key solution that eliminates these problems and increases sales. We have wine and beer certified vans, trailers, mobile bars and jockey boxes of every shape and size to fit your event. Tap26 provides a memorable alternative to keg party pumps, tubs of ice with jockey boxes on folding tables, Pourbox beer trailers and beer truck rentals for your event. We roll up with delicious wines on tap, eliminate the lines and waste, increase sales and roll out. It really is that easy.

Weddings and corporate events

We're all looking for those little things that will create a memorable experience. So don't miss this opportunity to set your special event apart with a wine bar. Looking for something really special. We love the vintage mobile bars at The Cozy Caravan Club and the Prosecco Van & Craft Beer Truck at All of your guests will interact with the bar and it's servers. So make that interaction something to remember. 

Make it your own. The fact wine on tap is the #1 trend in wine, it's a green choice, it's faster to serve ... or maybe the fact it looks so fantastic hits the mark.

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