Wine on tap is hot right now ...

It's exploding!

That's because 85% of consumers order wine by-the-glass and bottles are inefficient - particularly at volume. 

More premium wines by the glass, reduced environmental impact, the consistent taste and temperature, ease of service and more.

  • Still wines on tap
  • Sparkling wines like Lambrusco and Prosecco on tap
  • Cider and Sake on tap

And we love everything about wine on tap ...

So that's all we do. We offer the broadest selection of exceptional wines on tap in the Mid-Atlantic. And we our wines are distributed through a network of partners other states. We know what works and what doesn't. Equipment, marketing and service. Ask us how.

As the only importer and wholesaler exclusively distributing wines on tap we love to educate consumers and businesses alike. Don't hesitate to contact us if you simply looking for a good source of information.

Contact: or (804) 240-5630 for more information