Tap26's portfolio of exceptional wines on tap are currently available in the following states/countries:

  • VirginiA: Tap26 LLC

  • DC: Tap26 LLC

  • North CarolinA: Rabelais Wines

  • South Carolina: Pending

  • MarylanD: Tap26-MD LLC

  • New YorK: Union Beer Distributing & Cellier Wines

  • OHIO: Cutting edge selections

  • KENTUCKy: Cutting edge selections

  • California: Pending

  • canada:

If you are outside of this service area and want to know more about our draft wine portfolio please contact us.


We know your looking ... it's ok. We're passionate about finding delicious wine at a great value and we want to help you get into this business efficiently and profitably. So we are building an east coast network of Tap26 approved wholesalers. We make it really easy for you to focus on selling and get you into this market with wines that sell in record time. Think about it as a way to immediately establish yourself as 'the' wine on tap experts in your market.